A Break Through In Weight Loss

Alpha Cyclodextrin

The facts behind Alpha Cyclodextrin, a true break through in weight loss.

The most overused term in the medical field has to be the word “break through”.  That word is more associated with marketing hype versus any kind of real break through.

Alpha Cyclodextrin is about to change that.

Alpha Cyclodextrin was discovered by accident at Wayne University.  It is a unique form oh high soluble fiber that has the ability to absorb nine times its own weight in ingested fat.

What does this mean for you?  By taking 2 tablets 30 minutes prior to eating or while eating, Alpha Cyclodextrin will prevent your body from absorbing up to 500 calories per meal.  By making no other changes to your diet this equates to a 5 pound weight loss per month,

And these are not unfounded claims.  In fact, Alpha Cyclodextrin has been proven by not one, but 3 clinical trials that validated the claims and performance.

What it as equally exciting as this is achieved with no negative side effects reported by the participants of the clinical trial. In fact the only side effect that has been reported is intestinal gas IF the product is taken without food.

Where can you purchase Alpha Cyclodextrin?

Stay tuned for a major announcement on the availability…

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